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Concept Development:

Jewellery concept development give us an idea what new to produce which is the most important part of any Jewellery company.
We at SHRI RAJ JEWELS explore the new concept with innovative ideas and examining the same with different ways to take up to execution level.


We have highly enthusiastic, talented & self-motivated team of peopleto make new designs (dreamlike sketches& space like dream like sketches ) which lead to production to meet the demand of customers. The designs and collections are distinguished by their profound originality and even the most apparently conventional pieces are given and unusual appearance, imbued with dreamlike character.

  • We have in house rapid prototyping machines.
  • We are equipped with state of the art machinery &latest technology along with highly trained and artistic labour.
  • We have annual capacity to manufacture One Laces Pieces of Jewellery with process delivery period of 3 to 4 weeks, depending on orders.
  • We Have produced 78,000 designs so far
  • We also undertake job work orders of our own concepts and designs on exclusive basis with minimum of 5,000 G.M. gold and 1,000 carats of diamonds consumption. (Concepts and designs will not be same among the job work customers).

SHRI RAJ JEWELS, is the marquee of quality, trust and recognition, but mentioned all of pride in and passion for its production,every diamond and jewellery piece is checked and verified by connoisseurs. We take this honour and pride in supplying the best quality diamonds and jewels, which is our prime concern.
Our diamond assortment team comprises of GIA & IGI qualified individuals.


We believe in beauty, beyond technical grading to discover diamonds that have exceptional fire, life and brilliance. In dealing with us, you shall be rewarded not only with the service and excellent quality you expect, but with and almost ancient transparency in transacting a spontaneous respect for your reveries, and an assured expertise that stems from our experience that make us an outstanding choice for your jewellery purchase.
Come and purchasethe most prestigious diamonds of desire that have touched human passions throughout the centuries. We look forward on you for an eternal long-term business relationship.


SHRI RAJ JEWELS is carrying a top class managerial team of people who leads their department very efficiently while providing motivation and supportive hand to every individual.
Under the banner of SHRI RAJ JEWELS more than 500 peopleare working with all together.


  • IT-01, SDF VII, Seepz SEZ,
  • Andheri (East) – Mumbai 400096
  • Phone: 022-40293100

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SHRI RAJ JEWELS, The name itself shows the ownership of International Jewellery market.

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